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I have a subform which I have made a continuous form. Each record takes up two lines and there is a header describing the fields. I would like to be able to show as many of these records as will display on my screen (i.e. 4 with the ability to add a new record) Currently the scroll window only shows 2 records although the rest can be seen by scrolling vertically. I would like it to look almost like it's in datasheet view, but I have my own headers in the form header and format the two lines of an individual record. I think what I need to ask is how do you enlarge the vertical scroll window.
Have you tried to resize your Form ?
I've tried to resize it. Maybe I'm not doing it correctly. I can't seem to get the vertical window larger for the vertical scrolling.
Can you attach zipped, no larger than 500 kb and no sensitive data ?
I do not have winzip. I found a height setting for the subform that was numeric. I think increasing it increases the height of my vertical scroll window.
You don't need WinZip, compression is built into Windows...

navigate to the file (after you compact/repair) using Windows Explorer or My Computer

1. right-click on the file
2. Send To --> Compressed (zipped) folder

You can change the height of the subform in the properties window or you can select it in form design view and resize it by dragging the square handles
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