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I am setting up a database to hold information about devices on a network.
What I want to do is to be able to access the device manager screens for selected devices (printers) on a webpage within a form.
I have tried using the AciveX device Microsoft Web Browser but it does not seem to allow me to resize and opens as a small window on the form
Can anyone help?
I'm a bit confused by your request...are you using an Access desktop application or are you trying to use some web front technology to link to an Access backend? The webbrowser control has a bug, which prevents resizing after it has been initially added to a form. The workarounds to it are either to delete the current webbrowser control and add a new one in the size you want (dragging the size when you add it)...or resizing the existing one and cut it off the form...then paste it back on...both should allow you to resize to the size you desire. I'm also not sure what you mean with "the device manager"
Good luck
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