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I have a mdb that suddenly would not open due to corruption.
The message reads "Microsoft Office Access has detected corruption in this file. To try to repair this corruption, first make a backup copy of the file. Then, on the Tools menu, point to Database Utilities and click Compact and Repair Database. If you are currently trying to repair this corruption then you will need to recreate this file or restore if from a previous backup."
Omade the backup and then tried to compact and repair. It gave me the same message. I tried a /decomplie on it with the same result. I then tried to create a new database and import the objects into it. It gave me the same error.
I finally opened it up in MSAccess 2007 and it opened up successfully but only the tables and queries were there. All the forms, reports and modules were gone. I can open up the MSysObjects and see all the forms, reports and modules listed there and the database size indicates that these objects are still there.
It acts like the links are gone. Is there any way to repair this? I have downloaded several repair utilities from the web but they don't recover any of the forms, modules and reports.
I have tried the SaveAsText option with a valid form name but it can't find the object.
I have a backup of everything but its not very recent and I have made a ton of changes since the backup.
Does anybody have any other suggestions?
Try creating a new database and see if you can import your forms and reports from the corrupted version.
I've tried that. The new database would not even open the corrupted database for import. I also tried to import the forms, reports and modules from the copy that Access 2007 was able to open. All the tables and queries were there but there were no forms, modules or reports.
oes any body know if I can open up the file with a binary editor and recover anything?
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