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I have developed my database and a form for the front end where users can enter data and later view existing records. I now need to create a standalone form that opens without access and all the editing buttons, menus etc. There seems to be no information out there on how to do this or maybe I am just using the wrong search terms. Any help would be much appreciated!
You cannot create a 'standalone form' in Access.
If users have a full copy of Access installed then they will see whatever you do not hide in your application.
If users do not have a copy of Access then you can use the runtime package (which is free for A2007) and this prevents any 'design' actions by the user and vastly reduces the toolbars, menus etc.
Indeed the only options open to the user are those you have built into your program - so your custom ribbon, your buttons.
If you google for 'Access 2007 runtime 'you will get the ms site link where you can download the files.
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