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I have built one form for filtering information from a database that works fine. But i would like to open a new form (form2) with the filtered records so that the user can chose which record to modify in a detailed form (form 3). I would like to use a listbox for the filtered records in form2 as i have a solution that opens the records chosen in this form for modifying in the detailed form 3. My problem is that i cant make the listbox respond on the filter i created in form1. I know that the filter is ok since it works if i do form 2 with textfields but if i do it this way i dont know how to solve the problem that users would like to chose which rows to modify in form3.
How to solve this issue, is it possible to make a listbox in a form use a filter from a other form? Or is their some other solution to this problem?
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Arne Olsson
This is a convoluted way to do this, isn't it? I have a database here where the users filter the record shown on the form using a list box, they are only using one record at a time, so this works for them. I have another one where the user picks the first letters of the last names of the employees whose records he wants to see, then clicks a button to open a form that displays just those records. I think this is what you want.
gave them a series of buttons, with captions A thru Z on them. They click as many as they want, then another button fills a list box with those employees names whose last name begins with one of the clicked letters. Now, in this list box, the user clicks those names he wants to see, then another button-click opens a form that displays just those records.
I think 3 forms is overkill, is all.
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