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I had to make a new empty database and import everything over from an old
database. I had replicated the old one at some point and then ran into
One of my forms is a dialog box. It allows the engineers a choice between add
new jobs, modify pending jobs, modify running jobs. In the modify pending
choice it asks for the job number before opening so it can retrieve the
information previously entered. Ever since the import into the new database,
any new job that has been entered from that day forward will not open up with
the information to edit/modify. The form opens without the information.
Fields are blank. However, old jobs entered prior to the import will still
open with all information and can be modified.
All other forms and information work properly.
Thanks in advance for your help.
You imported from the replicated database? Is that correct? Did you do it correctly? I believe you have to get rid of the replication specific fields before you can import the tables. Have you examined the tables to see if the "missing" data is present?
Yes. I imported what was told to from the replicated database. I believe I did it correctly. And I believe I got rid of the specific field involved. All the information is in the tables. From the table I can change the certain fields needed and then the information will show on the reports. I just cannot change anything in the modification form because nothing shows up. Old information will.
Another thing - when you copy all objects from one DB to another, there's an "options" button that opens up some additional options. This covers things like relationships, IMEX specs, and menus. It almost sounds like what you're dealing with is a lost relationship. If you can re-do the import, check to make sure all the little things are imported as well.
Good luck!
- Sligo
Thank you. I have checked all the little things and everything is in order. But your responses are greatly appreciated!! It's quite frustratin' I tell ya.
This sounds then like some sort of corruption to me Wandi. Have you tried importing the table of interest to a brand spanking new database? Then design a form in that database and see if the missing data appears. That might tell you something.
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