Full Version: Size of Drop Down Arrow on a Combo Box Control
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Feel like this is a really dumb qustion - but it has me hung up. Created a new combo box control on my form, and changed the height of the combo box, but the arrow did not get bigger - it just does not look right on the form. How can I get the arrow to be the same size as the box. And we are only talking about maybe 1/4 of an inch. I am not making the drop down a huge box - just wanted it a little taller.
Nope, sorry - that is not adjustable (just like checkboxes are not resizeable either).
You might be able to do this with a command button control on which there is a down arrow. You would want to hide the existing arrow of course and in the click event of the button, you would need to drop down the list.
But Bob is right, there's no innate way to resize the arrow.
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