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Hey there! I'm pretty new with access, but I've taken some ISYS classes, so I have a pretty good grasp on relationships and queries. I'm working on a database to track my finances for when I get married (I know, a little nerdy, but very cool), and I want to make a form for doing bank reconciliations. Here are my tables:
So, within the DepositReceiptTransactions and WithdrawalExpenditureTransactions tables, I have a yes/no field for whether the transaction has cleared. I want to build a form where I can choose which bank account I want to reconcile and see the unreconciled items from the two transaction tables using a combo box. I was able to get the form to pull up one account, but it only pulls up the first one, and then I can't switch bank accounts. Can someone walk me through this or show me a good tutorial where I can find out how to do this?
Thanks all!

Welcome to Utter Access!

I would first work on properly normalizing your tables.

I would recommend that you use a singlr transaction table and not split it into multiple tables. You really do not need to have DepositReceiptTransactions and WithdrawalExpenditureTransactions as separate tables tables. It will make your like a lot easier as one table.

Why do you need tables for Dates and Months?
Thanks Coach!
hat's a great idea. Would I make a transaction type table and just add a field to my transaction table? I had the date and month tables there for an experiment I did. I meant to have erased them. Will making the form be a lot easier with just one transaction table?
Thanks again.
A properly normalized database makes everything easier!
MHO, you need to make sure that you can generate the required reports first. I do not worry about designing forms until the last phase. even is a form is a little more difficult to create that a report, I find that forms are not what I spend much time updating. Reports are where I spend most of my time.
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