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I would like to know what to do to put the forms i created on a webpage or acess to them, to use them to insert data in the database i created. how do i do it? confused.gif

The short answer is that you can not run Access forms in a web browser from a web server.

THere are a few options:

1) create a new front end using a web server scripting language (like ASP or ASP.NET)
See: Making your database web based

2) Use a Terminal Server to allow remote access to run Access.

3) I have not tried this, but you might be able to use a Sharepoint Server
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Just to add my 2 cents worth on the SharePoint idea that Coach Boyd brought up...
You will still not be able to publish your forms created in Access onto a SharePoint server. However, you can do the opposite. You can publish your database onto SharePoint and use the forms in Access as a Front End to edit the data in SharePoint.
Hope that helps...
HiTechCoach, i would like to know what is the method you recommend me, asp or asp.net?
theDBguy, i don't understand nothing about sharepoint.
i'm going to search now on this forum about it in ord to see if it is easy or adequate to what i want.
thank you very much, i will say something about it here, later today...
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You're welcome. If you have any questions about SharePoint, don't hesitate to ask. Good luck with your project.
i don't even know what sharepoint does... anyways, what is the easy way to make an access database acessible via webpage, so users can change data on it? (like if they were using the forms...)
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There is not any easy way to do it via a web page. You will have to recreate a new web based front end. Unfortunately, web pages are not as powerful as Access forms. See the link "Making your database web based " in my first reply.

You also ask should you use ASP or ASP.net. Do you have a web server that supports ASP.NET? If yes, then you might want to go with ASP.NET.
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