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Good Morning Everyone:
I have a form named frmLoadEntry
On that form I have two fields, one called ShipperID and the other called ConsigneeID
Both of these fields have drop down lists based on the same SQL from various tables
What I would like to do is the following:
In the ShipperID field, I would like to begin typing a shipper id. If that is not on the dropdown list, I would like to have a message box open saying "This ID is not on the list, would you like to add a new ID?" I would like control buttons on this message box with yes or no. If the answer is yes, I would like to then have a form open called frmAddShipper. The form would have the necessary information entered, then on close, it would requery the SQL drop down list in the ShipperID field in frmLoad Entry so the new ID could be added. The same for the ConsigneeID field as well. Any ideas as how to set this up?
If you are using version 2007, which your post indicates, then this is duck soup. Develop a form to allow entry of the new value, then set the appropriate property of the combo box, the List Items Edit Form, to the name of the form.
Thanks Frank:
I will try that later this afternoon
You're welcome, Geoff, I am glad I could help.
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