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I have a continoues subform on a report that shows materials from a quote the client has created. The client wishes to add line numbers to each item.. so if there are 5 items listed on the quote it would number them 1 through 5 on the report.
How can I make this happen. The subform is bound to a simple query. Can I do this via code or within the query itself?

Place a textbox to the left of your record/s in the detail section and in the control source place =1

Sorry l Left out one important part, scroll down to Running Sum And select over Group or Over ALL

Also I hope you are using an actual report rather than printing the subform itself as forms are really not designed for reporting

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this is a subform on a report. I can place the text box but have no clue where to find this running sum. It's not an option. Is it listed in the properties of the text box? There is no grouping on this report at all.
As I mentioned in my earlier post forms are not designed for reports reports are designed for reports create a report using the same record Source as your Form and try what I suggested. You are correct there is no Running Sum Property within a Forms textbox however there is in a report
so you never use sub forms / sub reports inside of your reports? much more dynamic that way sad.gif. I was hoping there was a real easy way to do it but I will just write code to make it count. Thanks for the help
do not want to mislead you but yes you can have a main report and a subreport however in both instances they themselves are designed and created as reports rather than a Form and a Subform designed as forms and treating or calling them a report.
Does that help ?
It's been a long day and I know exactly what you are talking about now. You did not mislead me. You pointed me in the correct direction. I made another small report and used it as the subreport for the detail and was able to do exactly what you were stating. I have no clue why i was doing the other.
Thanks a ton.
You are quite welcome sad.gif Good Luck with your project and hope your day gets better !
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