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If an database is exited abnormally the .laccdb file may be left over. If this happens, what should be done?
hould the left over .laccdb file be deleted through explorer? Or, if you go into the dtabase without deleting it does the old file automatically get over written? Either way, how does this affect the database? For example, what if, at the time of the crash the user was on a record that was locked.
If you delete the .laccdb ( or go into the database afresh, without deleting the .laccdb file) do the locks get released and can the database be gotten back into OK.
If a record is locked at the time of an abnormal exit, is the datbase more prone to corruption?
Hi Woody,
hose are very good questions. In my experience, you can either delete the abandoned file manually or open and close the database to get rid of it.
The lock info file is used by Access to handle record access conflicts for the related database. That information does not carry over to the database itself, so it is safe to delete it manually.
Hope that helps...
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