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I have a # that I will be inputting from a form to say bktable and the field is bookingnum. I have another table named contract that has a bookingnum field and I would like to be able to fill the field their as well. I really would like to make the contact table bookingnum a hyperlink so that when I query on contract and get the bookingnum I can click it and get all info from the booking table. I guess I should say that I need it to match up by contract # that will be inputted on the bktable forum.
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would suggest that you do not make the bookingnum field a hyperlink because it really isn't. Just keep it as a number field.
To autopopulate a related table with the same number, the two tables must be related on the same field and then you would use a form/subform setup. The one-side table should be on the main form, and the many-side table should be on the subform.
HAs for quickly getting the information from the table, instead of a hyperlink, you can use various Search codes to find and display the information you need.
Hope that helps...
Form/subform? I am confused. I have the form for booking, but how do I get a subform in?
Can you give us some idea of the structure of your two tables??
It would probably be easier if you can upload your Db in Zipped format making sure that
it is 500k or less
Here is my db, I appreciate all your guys help.
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