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I have a DB that I needed to modify. I went to the original, unsplit accdb file, made changes to forms, and created another accde file and published it. all files were kept in the original location. When I open a form then, none of the VBS scripts run. I have event procedures setup for "on load, on dirty, on click, etc. The form changes are there but the code doesn't run. The location of the files is set in the Trust Center. When I run the original DB in the accdb format, everything works great.
o TS, I created a new DB and imported in the tables, forms, queries, etc but still would'nt run. I setup a lab computer with no group policies and tested, didn't run. Logged into the local workstation and not the domain, still no good.
I've upped the permissions on the folder where the files are, no good.
Tries everything I can think of. Any thoughts anyone?
Scott McDaniel
Does ANY code run?
id you compile your code (from the VBA Editor, click Debug - Compile).
Have you checked your references to make sure none are MISSING?
problem solved.
made a change to the form, compiled the code, then created the accde file and then the code runs. I had tried only compiling and creating the accde file but found I needed to make a change first.
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