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I'm drawing a blank here. I'm trying to nest a tab control within the tab of another control and its not working. My top tab control will have several pages. One of them needs to have a tab control on it with several pages. But whenever I try to add a control to that page, it places it on the form so its seen on all pages of the top tab control.
I've tried making sure only that page is selected, but it doesn't seem to work. Is there some trick to this that I'm missing? Or is it possible to nest tab controls?
Hi Scott
The way I would do this is to put the second tab control on a sub form and then put the sub form onto the required tab on the main form's tab control.
FYI, I just tried that and it worked great and it was easy. You all are AWESOME!!!!!
Just as an alternative, I simply overlap the two Tab controls and programatically control the visiblity of the "nested" one with the "top level" tab controls OnChange event.
Thanks Bernie,
That was my fall back position I was hoping there was a better way. I'm going to try Brent's solution though
Use a subform didn't work for me because the nested tab contains subforms, and I couldn't link them to the main form. So I'm trying Brent's solution. But I'm not sure how to determine which page of the tab control is active?
Just select the value of the main tab control. It is zero based so the value of the first page is 0, second is 1, etc.
Thanks Bob, got it to work and then scrapped the whole thing wink.gif
Since I'm working in 2007, I decided to use tabbed Documents. So instead of a tab control for the top level, I'm using synchronized forms for the top level, then tab controls underneath that. I think the client is going to prefer that interface.
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