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Having developed the basis of a new database for a charity and having demonstrated it to the charity staff I have now been asked to get it installed on their premises. For this I will install MySQL Community Server, and set up the usual ODBC links for each user PC to connect the Access front end to the tables held in the server.
I have done this on my own PC to set it all up in advance and have immediately run into a problem - queries that now update tables in the server from tables in the front end fail with lock violations. I have checked that the tables in the server all have the same specifications as their originals in the front end and have failed to find the cause.
Please ask for any more information needed
I can provide trhe answer to this, thanks to a posting I found that told me that lock violations will occur with update queries when the data does not change. The solution, therefore, is to code the query to prevent this happening.
Murray, thanks for posting this solution - very interesting!
It's probably a good thing for frontend developers not to be lazy and hammer the server when not required.
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