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I am using the calendar from the code achieve, but other than changing colors anytime I try to do anything with it, the whole thing stops working. I am just looking for a way to schedule appointments. Am I doing something wrong? What I want that it is not letting me do it to make it so that on the form where the apt information is added that my user can select the patient they want to schedule, the time and put in the reason for the visit, but then what ends up on the actual calendar is that pt name, their insurance, etc., that is all pulling from the database. I am not sure if this is just not capable of being altered or if I am doing it wrong. Any suggestions would be welcomed.
Oattached the zip of the file I am working off of because I can't seem to locate the post again in the code achieve)
An updated version of what you acquired from the Code Archive can be found here: Date/Time Pickers 'n Stuff (Its in A97, but will convert easily.)
You need to read ALL the documentation (and code comments) carefully. I'm not sure exactly how to go about solving your issue, but understanding how the appointment calendar works is crucial to using it in an application.
What you've attached has no more than what is in code archive. None of what you are trying to do in the attachment you posted. Without references to the table(s) form(s), etc, how can we "see" what you're attempting.
Let's get back to a reference point and see what you've got going. Can you post what you've attempted? (Without exposing real names/data)
Yah. I will just import it into a little DB that I can post because the actual DB it is part of it way too large, just need to move a few tables around (but I want to look at that link you sent first).
So, this is what I have. I know this comes down to needing to learn more about what is going on in the code. Like I said, I just want people to be able to select the time, the patient and enter the reason for the visit and then have it populate on the calendar with "name / insurance / visit reason / DOB / Phone / parent name" Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. I am self taught and haven't needed this coding before.
OK, the coding part is very important to meeting the need of your request. I have to admit that's it's been a while since I've visited this app and will have re-orient myself to it's inner workings. While I am re-orienting myself, I suggest that you get acquainted with VBA. Access help is great start there.
The bird's eye view of what needs to happen is this . . .
• The code must be interrupted at some point to collect Patient info to insert into the appointments table.
• Proper referencing of patient info (like a PK - I see you've added the patient ID to the appointments table: Good!) is required to synch the data
I've no more time today to pursue this, but will get back on it after work tomorrow. In the meantime, dig in. Shake it, break it, fix it rinse and repeat. That's how we learn this stuff. Hands on all the way. And be patient with yourself. It will come. And ALWAYS make back ups BEFORE you go into a dev session. That way, when it seems hopelessly broken, you can start over with that back up. And always use a copy of the backup to develop with. That will keep the back up safe.
Till next time - good luck!
My plan is to try playing with it today. Look forward to any future advice!
I have it saving my person ID, but when I try to modify the query behind the appt add it freaks out. I think this is because of the strSQL command it is looking at in the Form_frmAppointments code. Is there a way to get it to look to the actual qry I have running on the form instead? That way I can make changes? I tried changing the strSQL and must be doing it wrong because I keep getting the 2105 error when I try to add a new record.
Okay, I solved a few of my issues, but I have three left I am struggling with.
)I need the strApptSubject on the daily view calendar to actually be a string of text and I cannot figure out how to get it to change. Currently it is attached to the bound field Appt
2)I would also like the strApptSubject to display at the top of the appointment block of time instead of the bottom, as it is rather confusing the other way.
3) I want my schedule running on 15min appointments instead of 30- I was able to change that in the tables and form, but I believe I may have missed something in the code, but I am not 100% sure and was hoping another set of eyes could take a peak.
Can anyone help?
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