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I am trying desperately without success to link Moodle 1.9.5's MySQL db to an Access front end. I need this mechanism to generate some custom reports using data that resides in an Access db. The moodle installation is a test scenario and uses all the defaults (apache, etc.).
My ODBC configuration is below:
server: localhost
At this point, I am able to test and connect without even using a username and password and it pulls up 2 dbs:
* information schema (contains tables / data such as: ROUTINES, KEY_COLUMN_USAGE, etc.)
* test (is empty no tables...)
However I am unable to access the database that houses the moodle data tables (mdl_xx)!
What am I missing here? I am sure that I am missing or not doing something really basic I checked most of the odbc / mysql related posts here and on moodle without finding a solution to my problem.
I am able view the required tables / data using the php admin module in moodle as follows:
* Server version: 5.1.33-community
* Protocol version: 10
* Server: localhost via TCP/IP
* User: [email=root@localhost]root@localhost[/email]
Informed users please guide me. I have zero experience with MySQL and moodle until now.
My environment is described below:
Moodle 1.9.5
MySQL ODBC driver 5.1 (and also 3.5x)
did you put [email=root@localhost]root@localhost[/email] in your ODBC as the username?
if so just try using root...

I am gonna guess you are trying to access this using localhost anyway so I believe the ODBC connection does not require you to specify that...

Another option is to check your ODBC connection and make sure it specifies the proper database you are wanting to see... the drop down list in your ODBC should show all that are available.

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