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My symplified situation:
Table1: TypeId, Type
Table2: NameId, Name, TypeId
orm: Header: Searchfield on Name + Combobox on Type
Details: Result of a query with Name & Type and filtered by the things filled in the searchbox and the
selection in the Combobox

My problem, question:
1. What is the best method to have a result in the details that is based on more than one selection of the combobox
2. How can I add the selection "all" in the combobox to have a result with all the types
If the desciption above is confusing I give a small example
Table1: 1; small
2; medium
3; large
Table2: 1; George; 3
2; Mary; 1
3; Jim; 2
Question 1: I'm looking for a method to search on a combination of types e.g. small + large
Question 2: How can I add "all" to the combobox to have a result that matches small, medium & large
PS: above is a simplification, Table 1 has much more types and types are added in the future.
Thanks in advance.
Combo boxes permit ONE item to be selected at a time.
If you want to permit MULTIPLE selections from a list, you'll need to use a list box.
I'll be posting a demo soon, expanded from the basic one I just uploaded here .
Thank's for your tip.
I'll search for more info about Listboxes.
I'm still trying to find time to pull together a full demo. Maybe this weekend I'll break free.
Whew, this was fun, but it took some time.

Check out the various options in the attached demo.

Opulled this demo down.

Testing on a different machine turned up several errors that didn't appear while I was working on it.

Sorry, I'll have to work on it some more.

Edited by: GroverParkGeorge on Mon Aug 17 9:58:57 EDT 2009.
Sorry about the delay. There were several issues inthe mdb when I tried it on a different machine so I redid some parts.
hope it's useful still.
Thank's al lot George for your time and knowledge.
No worries about delay, your help is welcome.
Ostart exploring your solution and I hope I'll understand it.
I'll give feedback asap.
hank's again.
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