Full Version: show data in another combo box based on a field in another combo box in ms access
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I have two comco boxes one combo box shows the main categorys and the other combobxo shows the sub categories. They bot pull from the tables maincategory and subcategory.
Maincat has maincatid maincatname
100 arts and entertainment
200 automotive
Subcat table has: maincatid subcatid subcatname
100 15 Acting Schools
100 16 Actors
100 41 Aerial Photographers
200 66 Airport Parking
200 87 Antique & Classic Auto Dealers
200 88 Antique & Classic Auto Restoration & Repair
The thing is, say a user chooses maincat 100 in the maincat combox I only want the three subucategories associated with maincat 100 to display in the subcategory combobox but at this time all main and subcategories display in the subcategory combo how can I set the subcategory to display only the subcategories associted with the maincatgory chosen?
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What you are describing is called a "Cascading Combobox." Take a look at this tutorial to learn how to create it.
Hope that helps...
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