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I have an Address book Form with several options. One opens a "switchboard" form and lets me
select one of several "Reports". When the report is displayed, the procedure closes the switchboard
and clears out any filters used in the originating form. I need the "Report" to remain the top window
until dismissed, with the originating form to showing in the background. It ends up in front instead.
Any ideas??
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It probably depends in the order of command execution in your code. If you are opening the report before clearing up the original form, you might try adding a SetFocus action at the end. For example:
Hope that helps...
Thanks for the response. Looking at the VBA help pages, it looks like it should
work, but didn't.
solved it by moving the filter clearing code out of the switchboard proceedure
and made it a "onClose event" in the report, so it comes up the way I want.
You're welcome. Glad to hear you were able to fix it. Good luck with your project.
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