Full Version: changing the row source of combo box in cont. form
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Hi. Is it possible to change criteria in the row source of a combo box in a continuous form, depending on the value of another control in the same record? I have two combo boxes, and the selection of one determines the criteria for the second. Thank you.
Yes, that can be done. Be aware though that instead of having several distinct instances of the combo box, there is really only one instance repeated for as many rows as there are in the continuous form. What this means is that if you change the row source on one occurrence of the combo box, you also change it for all the other occurrences. This may have some implications, particularly if the combo box is bound to a field in the record source and you set its row source to something that does not contain the combo box's current value.
Okay. It looks like I will need to append the table then through vba rather then through the continuous form. Thank you.
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