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Does anybody know how to do this?
I have a form in a local database. The form has a command button. I want to be able to click the command button, and have it reach out to an external database ("dbExternal"), and run an UPDATE query ("qryUPDATEdata) that is already in the external database.
Can this be done? I know how to run a select query of an external db, and import those to my local database, but just don't know how to just run an UPDATE query on it's own.
Thanks in advance.
You can "automate" the external database...
Create a Database object "dbExt" using OpenDatabase Method then use dbExt.Execute to run the UPDATE query in the external database.
Thanks Vanh. The terms are new to me, but I'll do some researching.
Thanks again,
You're welcome... Glad to help...
ost back if you still need help after your research & attempt(s) to implement the code.
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