Full Version: Calculating age from date of birth to a set future date
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Here's what I've got.
In the Query field:
Oneed to calculate an age from the DOB (date of Birth) to a specified date (3/1/2010).
I've used DateDiff("yyyy",[DOB],DATE())+(Format([DOB],"mmdd")>Format(DATE(),"mmdd")) in the query and it gave me thier current age. But I need it from the future date of Mar. 01 2010 (3/1/2010). When I replaced the DATE() with 3/1/2010 it gave me a large negative number. Please help.
Did you put # around the set future date?
Yes with the same results---negative number
This works for me


The only way I could get a negative number was to leave off the # delimiters.

You might check the date in DOB if it still does not work.
Would this work for you:
Age() Function (Allen Browne)
Tony N.
Thanks, Truittb. I copy paste it into the field and it worked. I compared the two and couldn't find a difference but it work so thanks.
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