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I have one database that about 10 employees use. It has a report that has a couple of places that use Chr(13) & Chr(10) and one place that uses the Format command.
This database has worked fine for years.
Today, when anyone uses it but me, It asks for Parameter value of Chr and Parameter value for Format.
When I run it from my system it works fine.
It is not split into front end / back end. It is one central database that is used.
I have tried compact and repair and to no benefit.
Any ideas what is causing this?
First of all, you really should split it into front end back end. Your current setup is just asking for corruption.
Are all users of the database using the same version of Access?
For splitting/sharing your db: Sharing/Splitting a Database
Hope this helps
You wont be proud of me, but I fixed it.
don't know what the problem was, but I ended up importing all the files from the old database into a new database.
The new database works fine on all systems.
I will be splitting all of my databases over the weekend (when no one is using them)
Thank you for that input Cow and Legley!
It was even worse that Cow and I thought, then. The database was apparently already corrupt. I am glad you were able to fix it. Splitting it is no big deal, there is a wizard to do it for you.
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