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I have loaded Sharepoint Designer 2007 on a machine running AccessXP and have a database that I want to connect to. I am running NetFrame 3.5 which has the required 2.0 and 3.0 netframes within it. I created a form, but when I try to link it to my database all I get the Data Source Library are options for ASP.Net and Local XML files. I need to see the other options but they are not there. How do I get all of the options to appear the the menu so that I can link to my XP database?
If you are referring to creating a web page using SPD, try adding an AccessDataSource control on the page and configure it to pull some data from your AccessXP database.
To display the data, you can try using the GridView control.
Hope that helps...
hmmm there could be a major disconnect here; Sharepoint Designer works with Sharepoint. Sharepoint (Windows Server or MOSS) sits on the Winserv/sqlserver/IIS stack.
ccess2007 is the first version I would use to publish to a Sharepoint server. And I don't think there is any relationship technically between the Designer product and Access.
It worked. Now I am in business all I have to do learn how to modify the form (design it) in the way that I do in Access. That should be easy, but I will find out now. Once again thank you DBug!
obviously I am the disconnected one on this set up....
Hi test,

You're welcome. If you want your page to look like a form, you can try using a FormView control instead of the GridView control.

Good luck with your project.
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