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I put two datepicker controls on a form I made and I want to use them to control date parameters in a query that will populate the form.
cant seem to get the datepickers to do anything.... LOL. I even tried to put some code behind them that would display a message box with the date that I picked. Even that did not work.
Can someone tell me the proper way to use a datepicker control (just the standard one in the ActiveX contols)?
I much prefer this one which is not based on ActiveX and eliminates all the associated issues.
Thanks, I'll check this one out.
Just curious.... what are the "associated issues" with the standard datepicker that comes with Access? Seems like it would be a simple control to use?
The problem with ActiveX controls comes when you move the database to a different version of Access, when upgrading or simply deploying the app to another PC with a different version of Access. The version of the Datepicker may not be the same, and the original will not work.
Since you are using A2007, why use anything external at all since you can now use the Show Date Picker property to turn on/off a date picker for the control you are using to display your date.
datAdrenaline ,
Well, the answer to your question is that I just got Access 2007 put on my work computer last month and I was totally not aware of this new feature!
uess I learned something new today... haha!
Was searching for an answer to a problem, came across this posting and noticed your question.
started using Allen Browne's Date Picker a few years back and when we upgraded to Access 2007 I gave the built in date picker (MS's) a test drive ... we're going to stay with Allen Browne's (ajb's). Here are our reasons (and these are our subjective thinking, this is not intended to knock MS's date picker.):
#4: Larger and easier to read - less eye effort for the user.
#3: Quickly change years.
#2: ajb's is always visible - one click for the user. MS's requires the date text box to get focus, then the date picker displays - two clicks for the user.
#1: Our date format is mm/dd/yy (in a column, i.e. report, it's easier to discern dates, consistency is important, therefore, we always use mm/dd/yy). The text box width is designed for this format. After picking from MS's picker and before exiting the field MS's date format is used, it appears to be m/d/yyyy; '2010' is all that is displayed until the user exits the field or drags through the value. I like a 'clean' interface for the user, MS's is not clean enough.
We are willing to invest the extra time to insert ajb's date picker.
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