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I have an application in Access 2003 that contains one form that I would like to include a tree view control on and have the user scroll the directory tree and upon finding the correct jpg file, click on it in the tree view control and have it populate
Can image control on the same form. I found the controsl in the expanded controls of the tools in Access design and have place both the tree view control and the image control on my form but lack the knowledge to code it without some started help.
Doug Steele
See whether the article I wrote for Access Advisor Enhance Your Microsoft Access Forms with the TreeView Control helps you.
Personally, I don't thing I'd use a TreeView control in the way you're describing, though. I'd pop up the Windows File Open dialog instead. For help with that, see Use Windows Standard Dialogs in Your Microsoft Access Applications.
Auntie Jack
Mike, Doug's suggestion is what I would suggest as well, but if you really _must_ have a Windows Explorer type folder treeview on a form, then rolling your own is a huge amount of trouble. You can purchase an ActiveX control off'n the net (there are several authors of this) which will just drop onto your form. They work with very little coding, and examples are usually provided. You can include a filter in the display which will limit your displayed files to jpgs or whatever you want. The headaches come when you want to distribute it, so I'd reckon your best bet is to stick with the Open dialog.
hi, I'd like to see the link you offer to see but a Topic page forbids me to look those link.... how I can do...
Doug Steele
Welcome to UtterAccess.
orry, Advisor appears to have taken all their articles off the web, and since they (unfortunately) own the rights to the articles, I cannot host them myself.
See whether what Danny Lesandrini has at Access TreeView-ListView Basics is enough to get you started (or to let you decide whether it's worth the effort!)
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