Full Version: Why Do I Have To Press Esc To Go To Another Record?
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I have recently converted an Access 2000 database to Access 2007 and now find I have to press Esc after updating fields in a form before I can go on to another record. To move between the main form and a sub form also requires the Esc key to be pressed.
Why is this? Has something changed between the two versions or have I accidentally set something wrong somewhere?
Hope someone can help as I just don't know where to go with it.
Escape actually undoes the changes so perhaps your underlying record source is not updateable.
See here for why a record source might be non-updateable.
Hi Brian,
Thanks for the reply.

That is what I though too and meant to mention that also. Escape does undo the field but NOT the record. If I change data in a field then Escape the changed data in that field goes but if I click elsewhere on the same record then click escape it doesn't - the whole record is still there and I can then go to the next record.
Also it is not only one form that does it - there are several forms in the database and all behave the same way. Escape only undoes the field and you have to click into another field first (which saves the change to that field and the record) and then click Esc before you can go to the next record. If you do not click Esc you stay on that record (or subform) forever. It is driving me crazy as it should not happen that way.
Oknow this sounds odd and from your comment nothing has changed in that regard, but that is how it behaves now. It was OK before the conversion to 2007.
Anything in some master controls somewhere that I am not aware of?
I would probably have to play with it myself to see what is happening and why.
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