Full Version: Forms With Zero Records. Displaying A Zreo Not A Blank Form
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I have the following on the on open of a form.
orms![Autoexec]![Text32] = Me.CountOfRg
Forms![Autoexec]![Text34] = Forms![records to add]![Records To Verfiy].Form![CountOfVerified]
the first one works fine but the second on runs off a query and if the result is null then it shows nothing and i get error message
run-time error '2113':
The Value you entred isn;t valid for this field
what can I do to look at the record set and if null update the textbox on my main form to a 0.
You may want to try the Nz() function:
Forms![Autoexec]![Text34] = Nz(Forms![records to add]![Records To Verfiy].Form![CountOfVerified], 0)
This will convert a Null value to a zero.
Hope this helps,
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