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I have a form that has 8 text boxes for entering associate names. The table thats supplied by the form has fields for associate1-8. It works, but what i want to do now is only have 1 text box for entering associates and those names get added to a listbox to show all the associates for that record, on the form. Once an associate is entered, and the save button is clicked, thT name is added to the listbox (or anything that will show all 8 once they are added to the record via the textbox).
Again, the intent here is to have 1 textbox to unter up to 8 associate names and have those saved to the table and displayed on the form.
whats the vest way to set this up??
You need a structure like this:-
-PrimarkKeyID - PK - Autonumber
-Fields as required
-LinkedAssociatesID - PK - Autonumber
-PrimarkKeyID - Number - FK (Linked to tblTable1 PK)
-AssociateID - Number - FK (Linked to tblAssociateList PK)
-AssociateListID - PK - Autonumber
Then you would create a Main Form based on Table1 with a Subform Based on Table2
You would have a ComboBox on the Subform that looks up the tblAssociateList
Wow..thanks alot Mike!
I will try to set up my tables this way. I'll let you know how it goes
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