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I built an Access database in MS Access 2002 for my wife. One form has a tab control. The form works fine in multiple "clean" installs of XP and then MS Office 2002. When I install MS Office 2002 on her new Windows 7 machine, I'm looking at the top of the form where the tab control elements would be, and they aren't there. Loading exactly the same database in XP seems to not to have the same problem. The look fine in the design view. I searched the forums, but saw little that seemed similar. The references look OK and my wife says it worked under Vista. I'm not a particularly experienced Access developer. Any thoughts? Thanks. - Jim
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This sounds more like an issue with the display than anything in the database itself.
Just to eliminate some possibilities, is the screen resolution the same on this machine and others with different OS? Is the problem that the form is larger than will display? Is the form showing the same size and layout on this machine, but with blank space where these controls should be?
<never mind my other questions; not relevant>
Thanks GPG!
efore I started on the project I looked at the screen resolution (vertical only) and it was reported as the same on both machines. Anyway, when I made the form smaller, the problem went away, so thanks, you must have been right. Really appreciate it.
- Jim
Glad to hear you resolved your issue. Best of luck with the rest of your project.
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