Full Version: Understanding The Undo Control Method.
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I am still unclear about what is effected by the Control Method: Form.Undo.
On a form with multiple tabs at what point is the record saved and not accessible to the Undo Function?
ie. I can see as I enter data in the subform that the records in the subform are created in real time. When I navigate between tabs does this save the record or is it only "Committed" when the Parent form is closed?
Navigating records, closing the form or moving between a parent and subform will cause the UI to commit the buffered record changes.
(Or issuing an explicit request that the record is saved too of course).
All these will be caught on a bound form by the Update events - there's no getting around that.
The Tabs of a tab control won't have any direct effect. If you had bound subforms on them and switching tabs caused focus to move to other forms - then implicit saving could occur then.
Undo of a control refers to the value held in that control only.
The form Undo method is applicable to the form - but available only while the form data hasn't been committed.
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