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I have a textbox bound to a table where the field is a number. When the form loads there is a zero in the textbox. Is there anyway to stop the 0 from displaying.
In order to ensure that all the fields have been completed, I was planning on checking them for null values prior to inputing them. If the textbox has a 0 in it, it will not return as null.
I don't understand why you want to get rid of the Default Value? If you don't want any User to leave a Field empty, then it is good to have a Default Value for a Field.
Open the table of interest in Design View. Click the field name in the top part. In the bottom part, you should see a 0 value in the Default Value property. Delete the 0.
agree with you, I don't like default values as it makes it too easy for the user not to change the value when it needs to be changed. I would rather check for Null values, as you are trying to do.
Thank you, that worked!
The only field I like a default in is the date. In this case RAZ, the 0 value would have a huge impact on the final score, and I know my users would be tempted to accidentally forget it on purpose.
If you don't want the non-Null Default Value in this case, blank out the Default Value in the Table Design (and make sure the Required Property is set to No).
For other cases where you still want to have the Default Value in the Table but you don't want to show the Default Value on the Form on Data Entry, Set the "Fetch Defaults" Property of the Form to No/False.
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