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I had to take an form which had text controls on it and replace it with a combo box. However, the data which was visible under the text control is no longer visible.
Is there to see the original data in the combo box?
In general, a combo box is for limiting data entry to given readable items. For an example, you want to store faculty id in a main form but you want to show the faculty name in a combo box instead. This makes it eady for a user to understand. So you change a text box to a combo box and change its row source to a faculty table where it stores both faculty id and faculty name.
Is you can see from attached picture, I limit to use only 2 first column, facultyid and facunlty name but set the first column width to 0 in order to hide the faculty id. A user will see only the 2 column, faculty name but only the facultyid will be saved.
Thanks. However, the value has already been selected and would show if it was just a text control. However, when I converted the field over to a combo the value does not show of from he previous input.
My problem centers around the fact that I want to show the value in this field of the previous selection. There are several text controls located on this same form which all show the previous selection but the combo boxes do not.
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