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I have used Access in a school environment, but never utilized its potential. My boss asked me to inventory our computers, put them in a table, and make some queries for easy look up. We bought the books 'MS Access 2003 Inside and Out' and 'MS Office 2003 Step by Step' hoping it would give me the knowledge I needed. This is what I want to do:
Have a form or query with all fields blanked out. The user enters data in one or more fields and runs the query. The query returns all of the data and the user can then change and save that data.
My boss would like it in a form for a cleaner look. I know about setting parameters in queries but don't know what to do beyond that. Can anyone help?
Also, does anyone know of any books or websites(other than this one) that I should be visiting as a beginner?
One of our long-time members has a website you might want to visit: Crystal's Access Basics.
Also, why do you want to save the result of the user queries?
Thanks for the link. I am trying to find anything I can.
Regarding modifying and saving the data, I think I might not know enough about Access to form good questions. Did I make it clear what we ultimately want? Would that be practical or is there something else that is better?
Thanks again.
The way I see it to work is like this:
1. You create the tables you need to store your computer inventory. Depending on what information you need to track regarding each asset, you may need more than one table. Check out this previous thread and download Bob's sample db. (It wouldn't hurt to read and understand the whole thread either.)
2. You will then create a query for each situation that your boss needs to know. For example, one query to find out which computers have Vista installed, another query to find out which computers are assigned to the HR department, etc. In some cases, you can create a parameter query where it will prompt the user for certain information and then filter the records based on the user input. The results from these queries do not need to be stored in a table because you can just run them again anytime you need the same information.
3. You can use the queries to show the information they provide in forms or reports. Forms are used to display the records on screen, and reports are used to print a hard copy of the inventory.
Hope that helps...
Thanks a lot. I will try that.
Good luck with your project.
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