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I have a form that contains a subform. In the subform I have a combo box that pulls client names from a table.
In the main form, I have a new client button that takes me to add a new client record if it is not a part of the combo drop down in the subform.
Once a save the new record and then go to my sub form combo box, the new record is not included in the drop down box.
I have tried to build a refresh button (onClick) on the main form to requery the subform frmAssociatesDetailSub.Requery however that isn't working.
Can anyone help me?
ormally, I would just give you the syntax to properly requery the subform combobox. But seeing that you are using Acc2007, you might actually like the new feature for adding records in a combobox.
Now, I don't have Acc2007 in front of me so I may be pointing you in the wrong direction here, but I hope I can get you close enough that you can figure out the rest of it.
Basically, in the Properties window for the combobox, look for the "List Items Edit Form" property and select the Form you're using to add new records.
Hope that helps...
Thanks theDBguy... I did about the list items edit form property and it didn't look like it did anything... Is it suppose to say "new record" in the combo box and then it goes to my client form? Or is it suppose to auto refresh the record in the combo box?
Omay have to read a little online...
TheDBGuy! I got it to work!! using this property... I entered a name that wasn't in the combo box. It prompted me to open the form, then I click on the new records button entered the data, saved, closed, and then when I left the combo control the new name was listed!!! yeah!!!
Thanks and have a great weekend!
Glad to hear you got it sorted out. You have a nice weekend too! Good luck with your project.
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