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really hope someone can help me with this issue. I am working on a database to track job inspections. I have built a form for the overall job information and I will have a subform for each section of questions with some type of control for a "Yes, No, or N/A" result for the question. I set up a "insert to" query to run once I select a result, which inserts the proper IDs and the result into my result table.
the problem I am having is that when I select "Yes" for question 1, all of the result boxes display "yes". When I move to question 2, all of the results change to "No", but it does not effect question 1 in the table, and again it runs the append query fine. I believe that I somehow have to group the result control with the question using an index, or something but I do not know how to do this. I have tried searching but have not found any answers. Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you
I can't really get the structure you are describing.
Can you post am image of the design view of one of your problem subforms, (or alternatively post the relevant part of your database)
I could not the the pictures to save in the post but here is a link to them
the first picture is the design view. The second is after I answer question 1, when I do that Yes appears in both combo boxes even though I have not answered question 2 yet. When i answer question 2 with no, question 1 changes to no too. This is does not effect the actual data, it is purely asthesic. I run a append query to update the result table with the correct information after each answer. THat part is working fine.
bassically I need to keep the question and the result together so that each question has a result, but if I tie the result control to the result field in the results table that messes up the append query and I end up adding to rows to the table. Thank you for your help, I have been stuck on this for a couple days.
The problem is due to the use of an unbound textbox.
In a continuous form, all records will always show the same value as the value in the current record.
To show individual answers you will have to add an answer field to your table and bind your textbox to that field.
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