30 March 2010

Code Archive, Tutorials, and FAQs are on their way to there new home on the Wiki.

The Wiki Moderators group are hard at work migrating some UA Forums content to the Access Wiki which will be their new home. After all their content has been moved, the Code Archive, Tutorials, Virus and Security FAQ, and Access FAQ Forums will be retired.

The content in these forums generally is in the form of informative articles rather than the discussion threads format found in other Forums. So, looking to the future, UA Forums will be the place to go to discuss your burning issues and help others deal with specific questions. The UA Access Wiki, on the other hand, will be your in depth Access resource where you can read and contribute in-depth Access-focused articles.

Wiki or Forums, we are still UtterAccess.com, the only source for all of your Microsoft Access help needs...and more!