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17 April 2010
oday, UA member Peter46 passed the 5000 post milestone. Peter has been a member since October 3, 2005.
Congratulations Peter and thanks for your efforts and contributions to UtterAccess!
Please join me in congratulating Peter.
Congratulations Peter on a great job well done. Here's to the next
Just to give even more credit where it's due, some may not have fully appreciated Pete's steady rise to the "big" 5K mark here.
Though entirely noteworthy in its own right with a great deal of excellent answers to many folks, it has largely been in tandem with over 24,000 posts at EE (which makes him, officially, even crazier than me! ;-).
My anyone's standards, a huge contribution to the online resources for Access and related technologies.
Many thanks to Pete for sticking around and a big congrats for the milestone here.
Thanks, Peter. I always look for and read your posts because I know I will very likely learn something from you.
Congratulations Peter 0" alt="thumbup.gif" /> wine.gif
Thanks for all your contributions in helping other members out, looking forward to the next 5 thousand.
Congratulations Peter - You have helped me many times
hope to learn more from you over the coming years
Hi Peter!
Congratulations on reaching the 5K milestone. All your hard work and contributions are appreciated!
Congratulations and simply another reason why
ere's to another 5,000
Golly - thanks very much everyone- it's a pleasure to be involved in UA.
Just a word with young Leigh, though - I'm not sure I'm keen on <everyone> knowing I don't have a life!!
Best wishes to you all.
Well done Peter. Congrats on the milestone.
> Congratulations, Peter
thank you for the time you devote to UA and the Access Community, we are appreciative of the great knowledge that you share
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