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I am new to using Sharepoint and have for the first time exported some tables from an Access 2010 database to Sharepoint Lists. When I looked at the list of 'Move to Sharepoint Site Issues' it could not export any field I had that just contained TIME without the date. It gave the message 'SharePoint does not support dates prior to 1900 or dates after 8900.' I've searched the web for information and as far as I can tell Sharepoint can store either a date only or date with time. I don't want to lose all of my data stored only as time. Plus I also have fields where a date has no relevance, such as start of shift and end of shift times. Is there anyway to store just time in a Sharepoint list? Or does anyone have any suggessions how to handle TIME when using a Sharepoint list linked to Microsoft Access. Thanks.
I presume your Data Type is Date/Time.
nterestingly, "? format(#23:23:23#,"mm/dd/yyyy hh:nn:ss")" returns 12/30/1899 23:23:23. So, according to the message from SharePoint, you would need to send the value as format(NameOfYourField + 2,"mm/dd/yyyy hh:nn:ss"), but then you would see a date. As I have learned (http://www.pcreview.co.UK/forums/thread-3681176.php), Sharepoint allows Date, or Date & Time; not Time. Ugh! Perhaps convert the time field in your export to text?: TimeAsText: Format([TimeDate]," hh:nn:ss").
After Ribbons, I'll be tackling our new Sharepoint portal. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
What I wound up doing was store a number in Sharepoint and convert it to time back in Access. So, in Access form I have an unbound control for TIME entry, I then convert it to number MyTime = CDbl(TimeValue) and store this in Sharepoint. Then I convert it back when I need to display time TimeValue(CVDate(MyTime)). It works but is disappointing to have to recode just to handle time. I tried Sharepoint on Microsoft Live Small Business but it is just too slow and there are other ocnversion problems between Sharepoint and Access. I'm hoping someday maybe there will be a Jet like Website so you could just keep using the Access backend file over the Web. Thanks for responding.
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