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Ofolks, I just joined this forum and this is my first thread... I hope for some solution from great people in this forum.
Basically I have a EXCEL file in which I have written a VB code to retrieve realtime stock data from Yahoo Finance. I want to implement the same thing with MS Access to make it faster as my excel gets hanged at times.
Can someone suggest me how to do this ? The biggest problem is, my knowledge with MS ACCESS is zero.
Please guide me.
Try Automate IE and Reteive Information
hope this helps
Sorry that I don't have time to help you with all the details right now.
Generally, here are the steps.
Odid something like this for Platts Daily Pricing (Natural Gas) off a web site.
o to web site and copy/paste the data from some point into Excel and save.
(Won't go into the automation to do this right now)
Using Advanced Excel Object Model VBA coding, use some keyword to search Excel and find the first instance of a key string: (i.e. "UtterAccess, Inc." Excel search returned A5)
- using the relationship - go down 2 rows and 1 column from A5 (i.e. B7) to read the value 101.19
Using your choice of ADO, DAO....
Take the values and create a new record in an Access Table.
with some scripting automation to open I.E. to your stock, and highlight the information, open Excel and paste...
You have a daily table.
while I don't expect a beginner to do something like this, it will help if you know what to ask for.
Here some links to posts in another forum on this subject.
This one explains how to download stock quoted into MS Access from Yahoo and has a sample database to show how its done. If you want it to keep checking for quotes, you could create code for a timer to keep downloading it; however, these won't be realtime quotes from Yahoo. For that you could get a subscription from Yahoo for realtime quotes. For that matter there's code somewhere to download quotes from Google too. Google also has a subscription for realtime quotes. These realtime quote subscriptions are about $12 USD per month.
MS Access Stock Quotes
This one explains how to connect your trading platform to your ThinkOrSwim (TOS) funded account where you can use both TOS and your other trading platform. MS Excel can be linked this way also. If someone can figure out how to use this same FREE DDE.dll to connect MS Access to TOS, I would be interested. I'm trying to develop a database for my trades and I would prefer realtime data from TOS over delayed data from Yahoo. If someone figures how to use this dll in MS Access, please let me know. Actually you can get a FREE paperMoney account from either TOS or TD Ameritrade and although the practice trades are delayed 20 minutes, the data is realtime.
Real Time Dynamic Data Exchange
About Dynamic Data Exchange
Both methods explain how to connect MS Excel to their data source. There seems to be a lot of sample MS Excel spreadsheets that get stock quotes, but not much is mentioned about doing this with MS Access except the first link above.
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