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Hi All
ata base Access 2002
3 tables Members , Events ,date of event
Have a form to enter members
I am trying to create a Form with a sub form
on which the main form retains a name and the sub form allows
Entries as to which event and the date they are volunteering to steward
I have a single form to do this but have to keep entering thier name each time
If they volunteer for multiple events
Any help appreciated
Hi Les
So your process will be:-
For a given Event you want to add a number of Volunteers (Members)
The structure for this would be :-
-EventID - PK - Autonumber
-EventVolunteerID - PK - Autonumber
-EventID - Number - Foreign Key (Linked to tblEvents on PK EventID)
-MembersID - Number - Foreign Key (Linked to tblMembers on PK MemberID)
-MemberID - PK - Autonumber
-(Other fields to describe the Member)
THanks Mike
Sorry taken a long time to get back to you
Adapting slightly your tables and relationships
Data Base works great does what I need it do.
With one eception the entry of what memebers have volunteered to do.
The form does what I need
select members name and event etc with combo boxes
input data then save Thats fine if only one event volunteered for
If more than one event say one member volunteers for three at the same time
I have enter input data and save for each ie have to bring up members name each time.
Now my question
Is there some way of adding a macro or some script
to the before update and after update To state
After update return to last name until new name input, (ie retain members name, but allow new data in events until such a time the members name is Changed)
Hope this makes sense
Hi Les
Can you upload the Db that you currently have??
Hi Mike
ant get it below 2mb
sent to your personal email as a zip
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