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Does anyone know how to create a dashboard in Access?
When you say "dashboard," I am thinking of menu forms. So, I moved your topic to the Forms forum.
Can you give us more details to make sure we understand your question? Thanks.
Actually, "DashBoard" can mean a variety of endpoint results.
• Reporting charts, guages, etc
When I hear "dashboard" I think of the latter - guages and other fancy graphical indicators of selected coalesced data. (such as indicated in this post: Metrics Dashboards - see the link in the OP post)
So, ausimo505, to which do you refer? (Or is there another definition?)
I am thinking of a form of reporting that constantly updates allowing managers to monitor anything from production, errors, attendence, and etc.. I hope that answers your question.
Hi ausimo,
That makes sense. Did you try following the link that Moo gave you above? There's a demo in that thread that you might be able to use or modify for your needs.
Good luck!
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