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I have a form with 4 comboboxes, each of them based on a query from a table, so, queires from 4 tables.
If the user does not find the information on the combobox, he push a button and the corresponding form open. He enter the data, close the form and returns to the form where is the combobox.
For a single combobox the data requery work. But if I enter in each form corresponding to the table on which the comboboxes are bounded, only the first time the Requery is executed. I have Requery for the 4 comboboxes on form.GotFocus and on each combobox.Enter.
Can you tell me why the requery is executed just one time and no each time when I come back in the form from another form?
Owork in Access 2007.
Thank you,
If you are trying to pull data from 4 different tables on one form, you might need some design changes.
Are you using something like Dlookup to find the information?
Are these combos bound or unbound?
You may be better off to have one query with the four tables or maybe use two queries and a mainform and subform.
Let us know more about your reason for doing this and we can assist you more.
All the 4 combobox are bound, each of them on different tables. I don't think the design is wrong.
I have a form where I want to define subscriptions for press delivery. I have:
1) Subscribers table - Subscribers combobox;
2) Titles table - Titles combobox;
3) Type of subscription table - Type of subscription combobox;
4) Couriers table - Courier combobox;
Well, I need data from 4 tables, exclude the subscriptions table.
If something is wrong please advise me.
Still waiting for a solution,
I would still try two queries, linked, and a mainform and subform.
That code are you using behind the button that the user is clicking when they need to Add an item Not In the list ?
Is just a simple OpenForm button that opens the corresponding form(e.g. if I push on the button next to subscribers combobox, the subscribers form wil open in order to add a new subscriber).
Rather than a Button to open the Corresponding form I suspect you need the Event against the Not In List Event of your combo Boxes ???
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