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I'm sure you have 100 examples of this...
I have two tables and one query.
T1 = Documents - DocumentName, DocumentID(Key)
T2 = DocumentChecks - DocumentID, DocumentCheck
Q1 = DocumentQuery - Links Documents to DocumentChecks using DocumentID
I have one Form and one Subform
SF1 = Continuous form showing records in Q1 - DocumentQuery
F1 = List Box containing records from T1 - Documents and SF1 - Subform
I want to be able to click on DocumentName in List Box and have all records the the related DocumentID in Q1 - DocumentQuery appear in SF1 - Subform
Once a new document is selected from List Box the prvious records displayed in SubForm are cleared and new records appear.
I am a newbie so code examples would be helpful
Thanks for your response
Actually based on your description - I don't think you need the subform approach...
One can put the List/combo box in the header of a continuous form - and the wizard will launch that will offer the option to find records based on the selection.
You can test this real quick in your subform....try it and see....if it works ok then just consider your subform to be your mainform.....
Thanks for your help I got it to work!!!
I was making it more complicated then I needed to.
Thanks Again for your quick response
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