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Hi ALl,
On a calculated total, I have a several fields with values and some with a null value, unless I add a zero to the field I do not a Total.
Any help would be greatly appreciated
Jeff B.
"Nulls propogate" ... if you are using a Null to indicate "I have no idea what value, if any, goes here", then it is entirely appropriate to have the sum of that particular field be Null when at least one record has a Null.
If you want to add up the values and Null, to you, means "nothing there", you can use the Nz() function to convert a Null to a zero. See Access HELP re: Nz()
Thanks for your quick reply.
My calculated unbound field =[July1]+[August1]+[September1] Sometimes there are no values attached to any month so I do not get any results, I'm not sure where the NZ() should go so I apologize for my luck of knowledge
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