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I have a problem that is twisting my brain.
I have 2 tables. Table 1 has ClientID and ClientName. Table 2 has ClientID, invoiceNumber and Amount.
The user enters information to Table 2 chosing ClientID & ClientName form a combobox that has ClientID bounded.
What i want to show on a continuous form is ClientID, ClientName, Amount.
How can i do this?
You would create a query joining the two tables using ClientID and then displaying the fields you want to show from each table.
Hope that helps...
Main Form
pkClientID (Primary key AutoNumber)
Sub Form
pkClientDetail (Primary key AutoNumber)
fkClientID (Foreign Key to Table1 Number Datatype)
Add Both Tables to the query
Join pkClientID to fkClientID
Add ALL fields from Table2 to the Field Row of the query
Add clientName from table1 to the Field Row
Save the query
Use the saved query as the Record Source of your subform when you enter a record in the subform client name will be populated
Hope that is what you were looking for
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