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Jessica Durand
I want to create a custom search where a user can enter something in a field no a form and then filter records (any part of the value in the field) I have attached an exapmle of what I want, but I am not sure where to go from here. I am thinking VBA would be best because I will have to loop through records.
Hello jessica,
Have not downloaded your attachment but see If This Attachment Helps
Take a look at this and see if this might be what you want. Just choose something from the combo box and it will filter the data below.
Jessica Durand
This was exactly what I was looking for. Thank so much!
Raz and I were glad to help , Good Luck with your project <
Hi, this is also exactly what I needed, but HOW did you do this???
Please could you give me a few steps I can follow? Sorry that I am a newbie!
Thanks so much,
ello Mark,
How do we do what ? Which attachment are you referring to ? Little more detail please < Also more than likely it would be better to start a new thread and go from there
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