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I am having some issues on a database form i am trying to create. This is what i am attempting. I have a table that will be frequently updated from our server, it will update "inventory" table with current values, (partnumber, location, qtyonhand, qtyallocated). What i need to do is the following, i have a drop down box that contains the part number. This part number needs to be selected and than after it is selected and tabbed or even if i need to use a button that would be fine as well, but the final outcome would be the other three fields will be populated with the correct data, (location, qtyonhand, qtyallocated). I have attached a "crude" screen shot of what we are looking at for the form and how we are looking at the information being populated. Finally, we would like to refresh the form to leave the populated fields blank. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
You can use the After Update event of the combobox to set the textboxes. You might want to add columns with this information in it to the combobox. You can do this by make the combo's query a join on the inventory table. In the After Update event just move column values. You can refresh the combobox whenever you want with a .Refresh method. (Not expert inventory advice.)
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